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JECF.,   Volume(4) - Issue(1), 2019
pp 1-11,   https://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djchem.org/2019011001

Binding Interaction Studies of 4, 5-Dimethyl-1-(3, 5-Dimethylphenyl) 2-Styryl-1H-Imidazole with Titanium dioxide Nanoparticles

N Srinivasan; P Navamani, P Magesan


Binding interaction of 4,5-dimethyl-1-(3,5-dimethylphenyl)2-styryl-1H-imidazole (DMPSI) with Titanium dioxide nano crystals are accomplished based on absorption and fluorescence spectrum reports. DMPSI is adsorbed over the Titanium dioxide nanoparticles surface. SEM and FT-IR validate the DMPSI adsorption on Titanium dioxide nanocrystal surfaces. DMPSI based surface alterations of nanoparticles and their mechanisms are deliberated briefly. Anatase Titanium dioxide quenches the DMPSI fluorescence emission by cause of charge injection from the singlet excited state of DMPSI to the conduction band of Titanium dioxide anatase. Contrarily rutile titanium dioxide heightens the fluorescence possibly owing to downsizing of LUMO and HOMO DMPSI levels on ducking of the styryl moiety of DMPSI into the void space of rutile Titanium dioxide. The reasonable fluorescent development is fruitful to recognize and evaluate the nanocrystalline titanium dioxide rutile.


DMPSI, Titanium dioxide, Electron transfer, Rutile, Nanoparticles

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